Version: 1.12.0
Release Date: December 15, 2022



  • Treasure Haunt Event
    Capture the escaped Pirate Ghosts by merging or opening chests
  • Brand new Comic visuals were added as an introduction to the game
  • Brand new Treasure Haunt Trinkets have been added
  • Brand new exclusive Holiday Trinket has been added
  • Tutorials have been added for Buckets, Drills, and Planters
  • A "Merge on Dead Land" tutorial has been added to Dungeons
  • Reminders have been added for Crafting and Dungeons


  • Generators can now be sold
  • Improved visuals when a mini event is active
  • Steam Achievements now tracks your progress better


  • Fixed an issue where some grid cells in the early game could not be healed
  • Fixed an issue where breakables weren't tracking in the result screen when finishing a dungeon
  • Fixed an issue where an error could occur when using Whirlwind / Frenzy enchantment
  • Performance improvements
  • Many more fixes have been made