Version: 1.10.0
Release Date: October 12, 2022



  • Dragon Eggscavation Event

    The bandits have taken Kaylee's stash of Dragon Eggs and hid them throughout Runaria! Break breakables to recover the stolen Dragon Eggs!

  • Brand new Dragon Trinkets have been added

  • New Mini Events (Bonus XP Gain, Bonus Crafting Speed, Bonus Energy Regeneration)

  • Stars now have a chance to drop from Forest Chests

  • Max Reforge Tier increased from 10 to 15


  • Dungeon Delver Event balance has been improved based on feedback from the community
  • Tier 3 Dungeon Chests have slightly been buffed
  • Sand drops have been buffed for Cave Dungeon chests
  • Coal Chest has been buffed
  • Treasure Map Packs have been buffed
  • Critical Hit Damage multiplier changed from 2 to 2.5
  • Upgraded Furnaces now smelt items faster
  • Removed Raw Iron from Coal Slab crafting recipe
  • Planter pop-ups have been improved
  • Dungeon entering camera animation has been improved
  • Reforge camera animation has been improved
  • Enchant camera animation has been improved
  • French Localization has received an overhaul


  • Fixed an issue where unfinished dialogue would show
  • Fixed an issue where some items weren't displayed correctly inside the Mailbox
  • Fixed an issue where the Dungeon button on Mason didn't work
  • Fixed an issue where items could float during Dungeon Chamber animation
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Dungeon levels didn't have a crate
  • Fixed an issue where quests would show negative values
  • Fixed an issue where the arrows in the quest holder wouldn't appear at the start of the game
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong tier would show on the Dungeon Entrance UI once backed out
  • Fixed an issue where the name of the active potion didn't appear in the Active Effects pop-up
  • Fixed an issue with the checkerboard effect on the Event Land
  • Fixed several localization issues