Version: 1.3.2
Release Date: October 1, 2021



  • New premium purchasable land (stocked with goodies!) available near the cave
  • Drill Overhaul
    • Drills can be leveled up to level 30
    • Drills dig up different resources depending on where you put them
    • Better mining spots require higher-level drills
    • Sometimes drilling spots have special resource clusters. Mine up enough items, and you'll be able to see them
    • Upgrade costs, cooling, drop tables, etc. have been extensively rebalanced


  • Lucky item pick items will now spawn near the camera
  • A guiding star will now hover over where you have to advance next
  • Several Tutorial improvements have been made
  • Improvements for dragging items around your base
  • Improvements in the decoder table UI
  • Breakables
    • Breakables can now be selected to see more information (trees, ores, etc.)
    • Breakables no longer drop their own components. (No more oak saplings from chopping trees, for instance)
    • Breakables drop more of their intended resource. (More wood from wood trees, etc)
    • Many breakables with multiple health bars have been given a single health bar with the same amount of HP