You can back up and protect your save data by creating an account with PickCrafter using an email address. This also allows you to share your save progress to any other device using the same login credentials. Simply log in that other device with the same login credentials to connect them.

Enabling Email Sync

You can enable Email Sync by going to the Options Menu by clicking the wooden sign in the upper corner and then tap on the cogwheel (Settings Menu) all the way to the right. A button that says Enable will appear, tap it.

  1.  Tap the Register button if you don't already have an account.
  2.  Enter Username, your Email Address and Password.
  3.  Tap Register to create an account with PickCrafter.

If successful, it will show Connected

Restoring with Email Sync

If you already have an account with PickCrafter linked to your email address. Tap the Enable button and then tap the Login button to enter your Email & Password. Once entered use the Login button to restore your account.


It is not possible yet to unlink your email address. If you need assistance, please contact our support by creating a ticket here