Business Bunny is a boss that can be encountered and fought in PickCrafter. This boss is only available during the Easter Event and Boss Rush Event. Defeating him earns the player 1 or 2 BB Branded Soul Carrots, and one point towards the Bunny Trophy. The BB Branded Soul Carrot can be used to craft the BB Branded Tophat.

When the fight begins, Business Bunny will appear in a costume, with a detail the player has to memorize. The detail can include glasses style, the side, and angle of a facial scar, the color of a tie/bowtie, or the style of suit. The fight begins when the player taps him.

He and two hologram bunnies will appear with slightly different costumes. The player has to attack the one with the correct outfit. Three cycles are required to defeat him.

Tapping one with the incorrect outfit will reveal it to be a hologram, wasting some time. Before all three bunnies disappear, the player can tap the other two to find which is real for the next cycle.