What kind of content is available during the Lucky Event?

The following can be obtained during the Lucky Event:

• Clover Pickaxe

• Celtic Staff

• Clover Wand

• Pot of Gold Pickaxe


• Horseshoe Chest

• Mega Lucky Chest

Pot of Gold Chest


• Lucky Amulet

• Golden Lucky Horseshoe

• Lucky Horseshoe



Shamrock Stone

Yellow Stone

Rainbow Diamond

• Leprechaun


• Lucky Charm


• Wooden Lucky Badge

• Iron Lucky Badge

• Gold Lucky Badge

• Diamond Lucky Badge

• Rainbow Biome

How do I unlock the Rainbow Biome?

In able to unlock the Rainbow Biome, you need to fill the Cauldron which can be found by clicking the Clover button on the right side of your screen. To fill the Cauldron, you need Golden Coins and reach the bar up to 100%. Golden Coins can be obtained by Chests, Leprechaun Mobs, and by completing objectives!

How long can I stay in the Rainbow Biome for?

Every time you enter the Rainbow Biome, you have 1 minute and 30 seconds. So make sure you make the most out of it!

How can I unlock badges?

The badge system is a complete new feature that we introduced to PickCrafter in the Lucky Event update!

There are in total of of 4 different badges you can unlock by completing goals. To see you goals, click on the blue badge at the top right of your screen.

How do I unlock the new Pickaxes?

Clover Pickaxe

You can unlock the Clover Pickaxe by crafting Lucky Charms. To craft a Lucky Charm, you need the following blocks which can be mined from the Rainbow Biome:


Shamrock Stone

Yellow Stone

Rainbow Diamond

Celtic Staff

You can unlock the Celtic Staff by opening a Horseshoe Chest, Mega Lucky Chest or a Pot of Gold Chest.

Clover Wand

You can find the Clover Wand in Lucky Offers.

Pot of Gold Pickaxe

You can unlock the Pot of Gold Pickaxe by opening Chests.

Are there any Achievements to be unlocked during the Lucky Event?

Yes, there is! It's called Lucky Amulet. To unlock this Achievement, you need to acquire the following items:

• Lucky Amulet

• Golden Lucky Horseshoe

• Lucky Horseshoe

Will I lose my Lucky Event items if I Prestige?

No! You will keep all your items. Keep in mind that Lucky Event items can only be obtained during the event!