It's that time of Year! Papa Klawz has come to town!

Build SnoMonz and craft some new Pickaxes!

Tap on the GingerbreadMonz to earn Badges (a temporary Winter Event-only resource)!

Hints for some special SnoMonz:

- Legend says Papa Klawz searches day and night for his long lost pearl.

- Papa Klawz is an ancient hero who defended Runaria from the evil Gingerbread-monz.

- Papa Klawz' wife, Pearl Klawz, defended our land from Dawn to Dusk.

- Papa Klawz brings presents to all the good boys and girls who smash Gingerbread men and build SnoMonz.

- Fun Fact: Papa and Pearl Klawz are on a strict cheese diet. They also love the letter G.

- Fun Fact: Papa Klawz loves reading. His favorite book is "Cursed".

- Papa Klawz loves Santa Creeps! They bring lots of toys for him!