Where do I find the Turkey (PPS item)?

- This can be found in any chest during the Harvest Event!

Where do I find Harvest chests?

- Small Turkey Chests can be found by breaking enough blocks or dropped from Chest Creep mobs!

- Large Turkey Chests can be purchased with Runic.

Where do I find the special Harvest resources?

- Turkey Creeps drop all sorts of resources.

- Different Leaf mobs fall in and drop leaves.

- The Dinner Pickaxe spawns in all the mobs that drop all special resources, except leaves!

- The Leaf Pickaxe causes leaves to fall, as well as break a bunch of blocks!

- Craft pies in the Furnace using these special resources to create even more special resources (Dinners and Feasts) that are needed to unlock the best gear!

Will I lose my Harvest Event resources if I Prestige?

- No, you will keep your Harvest resources, but only during the Harvest Event!