Yes! If you wish to move forward with deleting the progress on your device, please note: no purchases will come with you.

There is a 'Reset Game' button located in the Settings menu inside PickCrafter (from the Options menu in the upper right corner)

If this doesn't work, you can manually enter an AMP Code: 'nukemysave'

Detailed steps below:
1. Open PickCrafter
2. Navigate to the Options Menu (Wooden Sign at the top right of the game screen)
3. Navigate to the Settings Menu (Right-most menu - cog wheel is the icon -

4. Scroll down and click the Reset Game button


4. Scroll down and click the AMP Code / Support Code button
5. Enter in the following code: nukemysave

If you are unable to reset your progress, please send us an email at with a screenshot of your PlayerID (found in the Social menu).