Skills can be discovered in PickCrafter after unlocking the Skill Tree once you've reached the Nether biome.

There are in total of three Skill Trees:

  • The Player Skill Tree upgrades several mechanics involving manual gameplay, such as using Pickaxe Powers and defeating Mobs. Facilitates acquisition of blocks.
  • The Chest Skill Tree increases the rewards found in Chests, and makes them easier to find.
  • The Idle Skill Tree increases PPS earned from Gear, and upgrades the Furnace. Facilitates acquisition of picks.

Skills can be unlocked and upgraded on Skill Trees, and some can be further upgraded with Artifacts, by transcending or both.

Skill Points are used to unlock and upgrade skills, and are purchased with Picks. When all Skill Points have been spent, it is possible to respec all spent Skill Points on a tree for 30 Runic.