Chests are in-game items that you can earn, purchase, and open to find treasures.

They can contain random Blocks, Gear, and even Pickaxes.

Once you reach the Tundra Biome, you'll unlock the Chest collections in the Chest menu.

Here is a list of all the Chests that are available in PickCrafter!

Small Chests
Wooden Chest
Iron Chest
Silver Chest
Gold Chest
Diamond Chest
Mythical Chest

Large Chests
Large Gold Chest
Large Diamond Chest
Large Mythical Chest
Ender Chest
Pickaxe Chest

Boss Rush Event
Boss Rush Chest
Premium Boss Rush Chest

Egg Hunt Event
Egg Chest
Large Bunny Chest

Harvest Event
Large Turkey Chest

Turkey Chest

Heart Seeker Event
Heart Chest

Premium Heart Chest

Harvest Event
Large Turkey Chest

Turkey Chest

Team Heart Chest

Lucky Event
Horseshoe Chest

Mega Lucky Chest

Pot of Gold Chest

Meatloaf's Party Event
Meatloaf's Party Chest

Premium Meatloaf's Party Chest

Spooky Event
Large Pumpkin Chest

Pumpkin Chest

Winter Event
Large Winter Chest

Small Present